Merope – Nominee & Award Winner

We are delighted to share the exciting news that our film Merope has been Nominated for “Best Dance Film” as well as “Best Soundtrack and that our composer Christel Veraart won the “Best Composer of the Future” award at the Cannes World Film Festival for her music for our film Merope.

The announcement reverberated through the official Cannes World Film Festival channels, resonating with filmmakers and industry professionals who gathered to celebrate outstanding accomplishments in the world of cinema. Our heartfelt gratitude extends to all the talented artists who played pivotal roles in bringing the vision of “Merope” to life, capturing the enchantment of the stars. Their collective dedication and creativity have been instrumental in the success of this project, and we appreciate the collaborative spirit that infused every aspect of the production.

As proud winners, “Merope” has earned an automatic entry into the Festival’s Annual Competition, providing an opportunity to compete for the esteemed title of Grand Winner and the chance to be screened in Cannes during the annual Award Ceremony. Should “Merope” be selected by the jury as part of the “Best of Future” selections, it will be presented at the Cineum in Cannes. In the event of selection, the public will be invited to cast their votes for their favorite films, representing the cutting edge of the Future Wave of Cinema. These votes, counted annually, will culminate in the presentation of the “Best of Future – Audience Award” at our annual event, adding an additional layer of celebration to the Cannes World Film Festival.

The Cannes World Film Festival, a globally recognized event of prestige, serves as an IMDb qualifying monthly and annual competition that embraces all genres, including international filmmakers, screenwriters, composers, singers, bands, and more. Symbolized by the “Luciole d’Or” (Golden Firefly), this festival is on a mission to uncover hidden gems, casting a spotlight on a New Generation of emerging talents and a Future Wave of Filmmakers deserving of heightened visibility and recognition.

Unveiling the Importance of “Merope” to Sedona Ballet

A Journey of Artistic Liberation
In the heart of Sedona, amidst the breathtaking landscapes and artistic fervor, a profound narrative unfolds through the captivating lens of film. “Merope,” a short film produced by Sedona Ballet, stands as a testament to the power of creative expression and the transformative impact of collaborative artistry. Supported by grant funding from The Arizona Commission on the Arts, the Flinn Foundation, and the City of Sedona, “Merope” emerges as more than just a cinematic endeavor—it embodies a pioneering spirit, heralding a new era of cultural enrichment and artistic exploration.

At its core, “Merope” embarks on a poignant journey, tracing the path of a hidden star seeking emancipation from the binds of historical captivity. Through the allegorical portrayal of Merope and her six sisters within the Pleiades constellation, the film transcends conventional storytelling, delving into themes of liberation, visibility, and the quest for authenticity. As Merope strives to redefine her place in the universe, she beckons viewers to confront notions of captivity and victimization, ultimately paving the way for a narrative of empowerment and self-discovery.

What sets “Merope” apart is its innovative approach to artistic collaboration. Serving as the inaugural installment of Sedona Ballet’s Reflections Festival, the film catalyzes a multidisciplinary exploration of creativity and expression. Artists across diverse disciplines—from photography and music to spoken word and visual arts—converge to interpret and celebrate the essence of Merope. Under the visionary direction of filmmaker and visual artist Juan Carlos Zaldivar, and underscored by Christel Veraart’s evocative musical composition, “Merope” blossoms into a symphony of collective inspiration, transcending boundaries and igniting the imagination.

Amidst the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, “Merope” also provided employment opportunities for artists and fostered creative collaboration and we believe the film reaffirmed the transformative power of art in times of adversity. Moreover, “Merope” serves as the inaugural phase of the Reflections Festival—a groundbreaking initiative poised to redefine Sedona as a premier destination for the performing arts.
Sedona serves as an idyllic backdrop for the Reflections Festival’s ambitious vision. With its well-established tourist infrastructure and global recognition, Sedona emerges as a beacon of cultural exchange and creative innovation. Through workshops, commissions, and performances, Reflections Festival seeks to nurture artistic endeavors and cultivate immersive experiences for local and global audiences alike.

In essence, “Merope” encapsulates the essence of Sedona Ballet’s transformative journey—a testament to the power of collaboration, resilience, and creative expression. As the film illuminates the path towards artistic liberation and cultural enrichment, it beckons us to embrace the boundless possibilities of the human imagination. In the tapestry of Sedona’s artistic landscape, “Merope” shines brightly as a guiding star, igniting passion, inspiring change, and heralding a new era of artistic excellence.